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Living a fulfilled life

Nowadays, many people try to find safety in their minds by disconnecting from their physical feelings. Some individuals have learned to survive by not listening to their bodies as if there might have been a time when it was too painful to feel. Yet the body is the essential resource which provides safety, stability and well-being when we allow ourselves to be deeply connected to it. 

Whenever we experience stressful situations, the human body memorises the activating impulse at a cellular level. You might have noticed that situations similar to past events can trigger the same emotions. Freeing yourself from automatic emotional and behavioural patterns requires neuronal connections to re-organise themselves. In a therapeutic setting, an appropriate body-brain attunement supports this process.


The body is the only home that we have. Hence, establishing safety in your body allows you to set limits, to freely live life up to your capabilities and to create healthy connections.

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