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The mirror or how you love yourself

Most of our issues in any kind of relationship (love, family, work, etc.) arise when we do not love ourselves enough, but search for love from another person.

Indicators are when: ​

  • We do not dare to set limits and to say “no”;

  • We value others’ needs more than our own; 

  • We do not allow ourselves to speak our mind openly;

  • We have the feeling that we need to prove something and constantly be seen to be the best;

  • We tend to strive for perfection even when putting our health and happiness at risk;

  • Our self-esteem depends mostly on the recognition we receive from others.

Most commonly, the outside world mirrors our internal world, giving us the consciousness needed for change. If you do not love and respect yourself then people will probably overstep your personal boundaries easily: not because they are mean, but mostly because you let them. When you lack self-love, your motivation may instead become validation by others and the fear of being abandoned. In such a situation, stating your true opinion or setting limits may be difficult. However, people are not mind readers. And if you do not communicate that certain situations are not ok for you, people will continue without necessarily wanting to harm or disrespect you.

I support you in:

  • Recognising your automatic patterns in relationships;

  • Establishing your self-worth;

  • Learning to set limits and to say "no";

  • Living non-symbiotic relationships at eye-level.

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