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You matter

Your identity refers to your unique set of characteristics, capacities, memories, values and belief systems influenced by your culture, your upbringing and your environment. It creates a steady pole around which your life turns, giving you a sense of continuity.


Identity means "sameness" or "oneness" in Latin and acts like a framework. It requires the physical and mental perception of your boundaries, giving you the knowledge of where you start and where you end and in what aspects you are the same and different from others. For example, you might feel like the red rose in a field of multi-coloured roses. These aspects are important when it comes to your inner safety, but also in establishing how safe other people feel around you.

Loving yourself requires the knowledge of who you are, in other words, 

creating a ”you”-substance or “you"-matter”. Without the consciousness of what your substance is, what are you going to accept or love of yourself? 

As everything comes back to safety, the objective is that you feel safe in yourself because “you matter”.


And I am more than happy to support you in the process of discovering yourself.

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