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Spread your wings and fly

Whenever we try to save people out of love or felt responsibility, we create burdens and, sometimes, pain for ourselves and others as we prevent individuals from taking their life in their hands and from a life experience. At the same time, we create a power imbalance that might be convenient for different reasons but which is adverse all the same. 

Imagine that you are playing the chess game of life where everybody has his own pawns in the game. Instead of allowing you to choose your own move, the opponent moves your figures as he is convinced that he knows much better what is good for you. How would you feel? Angry, disappointed, betrayed? Would you lose the motivation to play? This is comparable to real life when you take over someone’s responsibilities, deliberately or inadvertently.

I encourage you to become aware of unconscious patterns in relationships and to leave life in the hands of the person it belongs to. This is the greatest respect one can have for another person. 

P.S. To be clear: Supporting someone and trying to save someone are two different concepts. Support means to accompany someone on their way but to leave the responsibility and actions in the hands of the owner. The process of saving is the contrary.

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